What a tough year for a prediction! Let’s make it Metro Atlanta and not just the city itself. I feel confident about. The population will continue to grow, the demographic inside the perimeter will become younger and whiter, and there will be more visitors to the city. All these bode well for real estate. Generally, I predict that while there may be a dip in prices, it will hit houses costing $450,000 and higher. And rent prices will hold steady or rise, even if there is a downturn in the economy. While I do see many economically challenged areas continue to gentrify, I see many novice home flippers not doing well. Too many people are chasing the same thing, thanks to HGTV and rising real estate prices over the past few years. Good deals to be had in some parts inside the perimeter. Despite the traffic, more growth in Forsyth, northern Gwinnett, and Fayetteville Counties. Homes in Symrna near I-285 appreciating and a few more areas are banning short term rentals (I hope I am wrong). I think Metro Atlanta will do a bit better than most of the vast metropolitan cities, there will be more transplants to the city, but despite this, I think prices overall will remain flat. A great time to buy properties if you want decent cash flows with a keen appreciation inside the perimeter within 7 hears.