What are the best platforms to announce a new STO or crypto-token offering? Recently I’ve been involved with an STO project and had the opportunity to dive deep into off-self solutions, where to launch your security token. In the process of assessing options, we ended up narrowing to 3 leading platforms: Polymath, Harbor, and Securitize. Here’s an overview of POLYMATH, the one I had more exposure to. SECURITY TOKEN STANDARD Polymath intends to create a capital market infrastructure for STO’s on the premises of the Ethereum network. Just like the other two platforms (Harbor and Securitize), the benefits offered by Polymath go from the global reach for funding sources, instantaneous settlement, tamper-proof crypto-assets, 24/7, 365 days of trading. However, the most consistent effort Polymath has undertaken the creation of a standard protocol for security tokens: the ST-20. Just like ERC-20 and ERC-721 represent a milestone for utility tokens, Polymath is seeking dominance based on interoperability and convenience. The idea is that a standard will boost widespread adoption by making issuers, investors, custody providers, and regulators comfortable with a user-friendly and easier-to-deal-with protocol. And speaking of the agents in the process, let’s take a look at the workflow, from signing up to launching your security token. THE ACTORS Polymath isn’t a platform to simple announce a new STO. The product takes you over each area of a Security Token Offering. After connecting your Metamask, Polymath gives you access to a list of providers. At that point, you may or may not have gotten those tasks completed, so it’s an excellent opportunity to contact the following: Advisory Legal KYC/AML Smart Contract Audit Custody Marketing Each of these areas deserves an article of its own because they cover a broader range of technicalities. A way to state an opinion about Polymath’s workflow is that the platform could be an excellent option for a real estate owner, who wishes to securitize her or his income-producing asset as a token. I’m confident to say that Polymath is among the best platforms to create, announce, and maintain an STO.