“Crowdfunding” for real estate has become somewhat outdated terminology. It seems merely to mean “online real estate investment.” Nobody would call investing in an IPO “crowdfunding.” At any rate, the market for online real estate investing is reasonably diverse. A great place to start is The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review, a third-party unaffiliated review site. There are platforms such as RealtyShares and Crowdstreet that don’t invest but offer a portal where real estate sponsors/developers post projects available for investment. Then there are companies such as Fundrise and Realty Mogul that raise funds and invest in debt, preferred equity, or equity with other real estate operators. Then there is a company that raises funds, and both invests and operates the real estate directly. Importantly, investors should make a distinction between online real estate investment opportunities available to “accredited” vs. “non-accredited” investors. Again, the Real Estate Crowdfunding Review does an excellent job of showing both options The Best Non-accredited Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites Right Now - 2018 === If you visit online, you will find a large number of such sites like Real Estate Crowdfunding. Since the passing of the JOBS ACT, the horizon of this field has much grown as it has the option of getting better returns. === If anyone wants to starts their real estate crowdfunding platform, so fundraising script is providing a white-label crowdfunding software. Real estate based crowdfunding platform designs and develops mainly to meet your requirements and fulfill your dream of a successful real estate based crowdfunding platform. Start your real estate crowdfunding platform where the business/company can post their real estate developments, and investors can invest to receive equity/share or interest from the company against their investments. === Excellent question, many people below have given great suggestions for different crowdfunding sites. Honestly, since there are so many to choose, I would look at the offer the most bang for your dollars. For example, a platform offers high returns with no fees, while others offer a small 10% return if that. So really, I would research a bunch and see which ones work best for you and your investing goals.