The stakeholders in Real Estate crowdfunding usually break down into three groups: the platform, the investors, and the borrowers. Many platforms are stakeholders in all deals as they pre-vet, pre-fund, and co-invest. Investors on such platforms generally only have a stake in singular sales where they receive current income on their investments. The borrowers also have a stake in the deals as they typically personally guarantee the loans. === Ideally, the platform should be a stakeholder. Some platforms are only listing platforms - a real estate sponsor/developer puts a deal upon the platform, and the "crowd" either funds it or it doesn't. Those platforms might charge a fee to list the deal, and maybe another fee if the deal successfully funded, but they don't have an immediate incentive to ensure that the deal works out for investors. Most platforms, though, are relatively selective in the deals that they list, if only to ensure that the deal gets funded. From an investor standpoint, I would advise looking for the platforms that take the bulk of their fees from the "promote." This helps align the platform's interest with the investors.