At the time of writing this answer, the most significant condo development in Singapore is Treasure at Tampines (under construction) with 2,203 units. The old building (Tampines Court) at the existing site is in the process of being demolished right now, and construction will begin shortly after. Construction is expected to complete in the year 2023. The largest completed condo development in Singapore at this moment is the High Park Residences with 1,390 units. === Jade scape condo is one of the largest condo developments in Singapore located at Shunfu Road in Shunfu Ville within the estates of Bishan. It is planned by the multiple-award-winning developer, Quingjian, who has been the top 10 developers for three consecutive years. They have planned to build five blocks of 23 stories, one block of 22 stories, and one block of 21 stories. There will be a total of 1206 residential units of 1 to 5 bedrooms & Penthouse and six shops. Each unit can be assured of a parking space that means there will be a total of 1206 parking lots & 8 handicapped lots, also separate parking spaces for shops. It is a privatized HUDC estate that was enclosed in May 2016 for $638 million. It was one of the largest collective sale deals since Farrer Court in 2007. === The real estate market in Singapore is taking its shape recently. And many projects are in progress. When you talk about the condo, there are some projects too that you can check out. One such project is the jovell condo. If you are looking for a quality condo, you check that out in Singapore. I am not sure about the number of units in that particular project, but you can get that information and others by digging into their website. === The largest condo development in Singapore at the moment is the D’Leedon at 1,715 units on Farrer Road. === There are quite a few big projects to be planned, here are some examples on the following website (has area and number of units): Square Foot Research Singapore