It is just a budding flower in India. Only a few options like mentioned here are available currently in India. Even the available platforms lack transparency, and it is still not well regulated by any authority. Any private association or privately held companies or groups of well-known faces can not be considered or can replace something like SEBI. Crowdfunding would work in residential projects in India too. But it needs companies in real estate to work beyond the current level of transparency. A private limited company doesn't have to disclose all the details on financials and all other aspects of the project, which has become the challenge towards the execution of crowded fund projects in India. But a well disclosed Special Purpose Vehicle formed on a project basis by a group of people (crowd), preferably by end-users, can do wonders in the Indian context. Also, it has to be regulated by something like SEBI. Here there are few challenges too. The particular purpose vehicle has to be driven by a board that works for the benefit of the crowd. Developers should agree to work on projects of large sizes for a fixed percentage of service charges rather than undisclosed profit. It is easily said than done. The general mindset of the common man doesn't allow them to take this kind of a task even if the risk is lower than most of the pre-launch projects. We need to have more visibility towards the evaluation of a proposed project than generally found on a crowdfunding platform. Well-formed guidelines for functioning where crowdfunded residential projects protect from speculations of investors. A transparent and organized framework that can make sure of expenditures. While the initial investors give an impression of crowdfunding to some developers, it has to grow beyond that level to become beneficial for a real end-user where the end-users are benefited in terms of returns on their investment too. This will flourish Indian real estate scenario where unreasonable speculations come to an end, and common man can help out of it, starting from low-budget homes to ultra-luxury projects.