Technologies serving real estate agencies and their clients Upset by new entrants "Pure Players" (real estate agencies 100% online) and trading platforms, real estate professionals have had to adapt to consumer expectations. Goals: To be where pure players are: promoting their assets available on the platforms consulted, make themselves more visible on search engines and social networks in particular, offer unique services that value their expertise as professionals. Qualitative "visits." To facilitate sales or rentals, the quality of the presentation is crucial. Exit the poorly framed photos and dark. The big winners rely on immersive visuals: 360 ° visualization that allows you to visit all the rooms without leaving home and even better, augmented reality with virtual reality headset that gives us the feeling of moving and physically visiting the property in question. The good price Many websites and applications allow individuals to estimate their property in real-time. Agents must have competitive tools available online and / or mobile to capture their potential prospects.