Anyone only offering STO marketing services should be avoided. Look for agencies that have a track record on marketing startups and SME’s. The STO market will quickly go the way of ICO’s if brands don’t immediately realize that you need to build and launch a product that has a direct route to market and audience primed for adoption. It’s not about the ‘fundraising.’ It’s about business, brand, and product. Also, without significant work with accountants, who do need to be STO specialists, projects are in for a world of pain. Focus on the finance and business expertise over marketing expertise. These guys in the UK seem to be leading the way for STO Accounting. === Here is a business social graph that shows partners of the main STO market participants. Marketing firms mark with a yellow dot. I believe that they are the best of the best :) Source: Digital Securities Market Research 2019 STO, aka Security Token Offering, is an innovative digital source for companies and entrepreneurs to raise funds by exchanging their security tokens for fiat or cryptocurrencies. But like any other product or service, an STO to be successful requires the right marketing strategy. Since investors and the crypto-community are cautious with their investments, the right marketing strategy is needed to convince them. STOs are of three types: Equity Token Asset Tokenization Debt Token If your searching for the right firm for this, I would recommend Blockchain App Factory. They hold numerous years of marketing several ICOs & STOs successfully. Not just this, they are also the leading Security token marketing company and specialize in tokenizing assets as per legal compliance. They offer five pillars of STO marketing: STO marketing consulting STO marketing research STO marketing strategy Deal marketing Proxy marketing With numerous successful STO launches, it is imperative to join the bandwagon now. But make sure you hold a solid marketing strategy that would win over the investors. === Rumors had it that Security Token Offerings will continue to dominate the tokenized securities market for the years to come. And it comes with no surprise - a high speed of performance combined with low costs of transactions results in a vast base of investors and favorable deal conditions. What more could an issuer or an investor ask for? With the availability of the blockchain-based investment opportunity, the crucial point to consider is the implementation of a well-thought marketing strategy aimed at raising your brand’s value in the eye of investors. An STO marketing company proved to be successful in strategizing for the fundraising is the Blockchain App Factory. Since no project can survive the test of time without a strategy, a value-driven marketing approach will bring to the project: Clarity Focus Direction Tools & resources for the vision implementation The team of experts sharing the same values The range of marketing services provided by the company includes the following: Owner’s manual audit: guidance from experts on making owner’s manual attractive for investors; Branding: assistance in maintaining the brand integrity of the project for efficient fundings; Reputation Management: protection of reputation in the crypto-communities and on social media channels; Influencer Marketing: drive of the target audience to the project via famous influencers; Content Curation: maintenance of the visibility in the market through an engaging and value-creating content; E-mail Marketing: remarket and upsell of the project’s value by the use of newsletters; Social Media Management: administration of social media platforms for the understanding of investor behavior; Offline Events: attendance and participation in the investment-related events by the leadership team; Press Release: the creation of compelling stories aimed at providing an insightful overview of the project.