Hi, All information for the Riviere and its continual development, including floor plans, can be found on the Riviere website. Upon entering the site, you will notice that all necessary information has been constructed expertly, for users to access whatever they need. Unfortunately, not all the Riviere’s condominium floor plans have been released yet. However, when registering on the website, you’ll gain access to the floor plans preview first. Should you want to schedule a site visit or meet with our developers, you can contact the Riviere on their website, request a call, or make your way to the ‘Contact’ section, where you will find contact numbers and an email address. To access the latest information and updates about the progress of the condominium developments, you can stay tuned on the site, or contact the Riviere directly for any queries you may have. This brand new and luxury lifestyle development is a private development, situated along the Singapore River, and consist of three conservation warehouses that will be restored, which furthermore adds to its heritage appeal, natural tranquillity, and is set to be a location that will attract locals, tourists, and investors. Thanks and Cheers