Hi, Amber Park’s prices vary between 2600 and 2800 psf. However, prices may be subject to changes and are yet to be confirmed. After considering adjustments, a more accurate price estimate will be provided. Depending on an apartment's size and features, the value thereof is also likely to vary. To remain up to date with updates, online users can register on Amber park. Pricing for Amber Park gets worked out to the land rate that closest to S$1515 per square feet per plot ratio (PSF PPR). The residential apartments, which are most affordable, are priced from 1m and onwards. Looking at the median price range, condos are likely to range from $2300 and $2400, which includes marketing and legal services, misc — costs, etc. This also puts the selling price of Amber Park Property, at between $2400 and $2800. Estimates are based on the effort basis, along with historical trends, profit margins, and various costs, including marketing, land, and construction costs. Considering that Amber Park offers luxurious apartments, which are not only constructed as a general residential property but are specially designed and curated according to modern architectural plans, it's price may be slightly higher than average costs. I hope this helps