Guide For Event Hosts

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    Events [For Denzity Experts only] πŸ’Ό can be created to notify Denzity users of upcoming events. πŸ“†
    It’s a great way for experts to promote their exhibition, conference, and networking events for real estate enthusiasts. 🀝 🏘 🌏

    If you want to reach us, please email us:

    Start by writing the event title

    Step 1: Include the geographic location (city and/or country) πŸ“ with the following format.
    [For example, Event@Hong Kong, Event@London - UK]

    Step 2: Write out a short (and sweet!) description of the event that indicates the topic and reason. πŸ“
    [For example, make the move to Australia and learn about your future property investment; The updated Canada tax for foreign investors; UK Property Investing Conference]

    Step 3: Let people know about who is hosting the event with the following format. πŸ“£
    [For example, Hosted by ABC Group, On behalf of XYZ Limited]

    Here are two examples for you as reference:

    • [Event@Hong Kong] Make the move to Australia and learn about your future property investment [Host by ABC Group]

    • [Event@Bangkok - Thailand] Prime Location Residential tour [Host by ABC Group, on behalf of XYZ Limited]

    πŸ’‘ Regarding the information about the event, please remember the following:

    1. List out as much detail as possible (including the venue of the event, more information about your company, and the contact information)
    2. Include the time and date πŸ—“ with the following format. [For example, Sunday 15th December 2019 @ 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM]
    3. Try not to attach PDF as it is harder for users to search
    4. Letting people know how they can sign up or who to contact
    5. Include an IRL (by using to shorten the link) of the event to learn more and/or RVSP
    6. Make it as pretty as possible with the visuals and graphics!
    7. You can post events with different languages other than English at a separate post

    Some ground rules:

    1. Currently, we only allow real estate experts to post events.
    2. Any events not specific to real estate will be deleted.
    3. Anyone abusing this section will be banned.

    That’s all! ✌