6 New Forum Features To Help You Navigate

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    We want to share with you a quick update with some recent improvements we’ve made. Also, we want to take a chance to give our sincere thanks to our community for the many feedback, suggestions, and support. 👏 We are constantly making our platform easier for you to gain better real estate insights and knowledge. 📚

    1. Expert badge. Allowing you to spot the real estate experts easily, we have added a badge next to their username. The expert badge is only for the experts that we approve of. 💼

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    1. Popular tags. You’ll notice that there is a list of popular tags on the top right corner. That’s so you can find the most popular topics in our community. 🕶 By clicking on the tags, you can find the relevant topics instantly.

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    1. Suggested topics. Beneath the popular tags section, we have added a suggested topic section to show other posts you might be interested in.

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    1. Events page. 📆 You can find upcoming experts’ exhibitions, conferences, and networking events through the Events page.

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    1. Post voting. Letting the community knows what you think of the posts! When you find a post useful or relevant, you can upvote it. If you think a post is not useful or off-topic, you can downvote it.

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    1. Search bar. 🔎 You’ll see the search bar at the top right corner. It is a simple and fast way to know if there are any relevant topic you might be interested in. If not, start at a post and get a conversation going!

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