Would you mind explaining the regions and areas in the UK that overseas investors tend to invest in? And what makes them so attractive?

  • Would you mind explaining the regions and areas in the UK that overseas investors tend to invest in? And what makes them so attractive?


    There are several cities which overseas investors tend to initially have interest in and I would say that these are the Northern Powerhouse cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, and also Birmingham which is quite central in the UK. Out of these cities I would say that the two which attract the most attention, and for good reason are Manchester and Birmingham and both of which will benefit from the new high speed rail service (HS2) connecting them to London. When this opens Birmingham will only be around 50mins from London and Manchester 1hr 20mins.

    Manchester has done very well over the last 5 years but our concern is that similar to London how much more scope there is. Growth will still continue but it is now more important than ever to select the right areas of Manchester where there is not the inherent risk of over supply. This is why we would tend to recommend smaller, more boutique developments which are more favoured in the UK. With this in mind we prefer areas within the Northern Gateway Regeneration Framework, and NOMA commercial redevelopment scheme where we see over GBP 1 billion being invested over the next 15 years which will not completely improve these areas. Additionally Manchester has been named the fastest tech city in Europe (Amazon are relocating 600 staff to the city) , and officially the best city in Europe for business in 2020/21. All of these factors help to increase the profile of the city which in turn will help capital values of property.

    Birmingham, rated as the UK’s most attractive regional city, offers an unparalleled choice of residential opportunities; from city centre apartments to suburban family homes. There is a wealth of opportunities for companies seeking to expand or invest in Birmingham. The city has exceptional connections to local, national and international destinations. It lies at the heart of the UK’s road network and boasts an international airport serving 9 million passengers per year. Now Hs2 (High Speed Train) has been given the approval which means the rail network will bring the capital even closer at 49 minutes, and will welcome an estimated £1.5bn and 22,000 jobs to the region. Alongside this Birmingham International Airport sits just 5 miles south-east of the city centre with a choice of over 400 direct or one-stop flights across the world.

    Birmingham is not only the UK’s largest city outside London but also has one of the country’s biggest financial centres. The relocation of firms such as Deutsche Bank and HSBC will increase the number of affluent professionals making their home here. The diversity of the city’s economy is supported by its reputation as a hub for creative industries and it is among the UK’s fastest growing centres for digital media ventures.

    Find more: https://youtu.be/mbH6_zvAU0w

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