Among the UK cities, which are overrated or underrated by investors?

  • Among the UK cities, which are overrated or underrated by investors?


    I would say that Liverpool is overrated, as much as there is a lot of regeneration happening there it will take a long time to come into effect and as such we do not see prices moving very quickly, and certainly not in the same way as Manchester or Birmingham. Additionally, many of the properties are low in price, with some even being below GBP 100,000 which can make the availability of finance harder. As much as people may be able to pay for these for cash there are many tax advantages of having a mortgage, and mortgages allow people to purchase properties in better locations which would also be more expensive but can lead to greater levels of capital appreciation.

    For underrated cities it is hard to say as to me the two best are Manchester and Birmingham but it is hard to say they are underrated! If I had to choose one city in the UK which is an excellent investment opportunity, but does not get as much interest overseas I would say Edinburgh in Scotland. Edinburgh, being the 4th largest financial hub in Europe is also an excellent investment opportunity with a manor under supply issue which helps with both rental and capital appreciation. It is more expensive than Manchester, and Birmingham, although less than London and if the budget allows is certainly worth consideration.

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