What is a Property Grading Template and how do you use it?

  • What is a Property Grading Template and how do you use it?

  • As a foreigner, you must understand that your familial needs will be very different from a Malaysian.
    The number 1 consideration would definitely be the schools. Are there proper international schools in that area that you can send your children to? How far are they from your abode?
    The second consideration that I think is of utmost importance is the social support. Are there other Hong Kongers living in that area? Is there a proper community that can support you?
    Imagine moving to a foreign country which is Malaysia and into a town where majority of the people do not understand your social needs as a Hong Konger and the food in that vicinity does not resonate with your taste buds. And you have to drive 30 minutes to satisfy your dim sum craving.

    So there are 5 criteria that you can download to assess any property that you want to buy

    International expat community. With good community living that is condusive for epat living
    International schools
    Commercial vibrancy and 1st class infrastructure
    Plan B. How do you get a 4% rental yield if you decide to move back to HK?
    Never pay foreigner price. Know the local price

    For more insights to the Malaysian Real Estate market watch an episode I did with Denzity here: https://youtu.be/l7InUDbx0m0

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