Would you mind explaining conveyancing and the surveyor’s role in the process?

  • Would you mind explaining conveyancing and the surveyor’s role in the process?


    Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of an asset between parties. Surveyors will have multiple roles within this process. First of all, when a party decides to either sell or acquire an asset, they will typically employ a surveyor to advise them on the process and to ensure they are buying the right asset at the right price, or selling the asset on the best available terms.

    The surveyor will then work with their client to help push the deal through and will liaise with the clients other professional advisors, including continuing to provide real estate input and advice throughout the legal process.

    At this stage, if the client requires finance to complete the purchase, a surveyor may also be employed by the lender to ascertain the value of the property and to ensure that the lender can be confident that they can recover the amount they have lent, should the borrower default and the lender then has to sell the asset. Because there is potential for a conflict of interest here, it is important that the surveyor acting for the lender is fully independent from the surveyor acting for the buyer/seller.

    Essentially, during the conveyancing process, the surveyors role is to make sure that their client is fully informed of their options and the situation and that they provide their client with the best possible advice in order to achieve the optimal result.

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