What was your experience conducting research in the Greater Bay Area (emerging market)?

  • What was your experience conducting research in the Greater Bay Area (emerging market)?

  • In simple terms, doing research in GBA is very different than in Hong Kong. The greater china real estate research is the different in the sense that market transparency is not as great as Hong Kong. Majority of the real estate market information is more difficult to retrieve. Though there is this platform called CREIS, which is heavily priced subscription allowing real estate practitioners to gain access to land values, and particularly for the residential transaction. But the price tag is quite hefty and the data is at times not so accurate. That being said, accessing real estate data in GBA or GC requires lots of labour work to gain the raw data. For instance, talking to brokers, information from clientele or even conducting actual site visits.

    So when I was working and travelling between the two core cities Shenzhen and Guangzhou, my team members and I have to visit a lot of undeveloped office sites and see what their progress statuses are. Good thing is that we had a company car, so we can go to this development site free of hassle. As for retail, we have to walk through different malls under our vacancy basket to guesstimate the approximate vacancy rate. So these might take more time to gather, as opposed to information that is already online. At the end of the day, doing research in China in generally time consuming and requires deep connections with local brokers/investors to attain proper insights.

    If you would like to learn more about how to research real estate properly, I recently did an episode with Denzity: https://youtu.be/ZHzeYX_6sjk

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