Where can I find a room for rent in Singapore for less than $400?

Where can I find a room for rent in Singapore for less than $400?

Based on my experience here, it is going to extremely difficult to get a single room for less than 400 dollars.

However, you can pay rent within $400 if you.

  • Share a common room with another person and live along with the owner. The room will be basic with no air-conditioning, no extra furniture, no cooking allowed, and utilities would be included.

  • Share a basic 2 BHK unit with 3 other people and pay close to $500 per person, but utilities would be extra. The location would undoubtedly be far from the city and mostly in the west - areas near Tuas, Pioneer, or the Northeast side may be cheaper.

A fair warning about the above two options - Singapore ( for all its pride of a clean city) has several places infested with bed bugs and roaches. The reason is because of a high floating and immigrant population mostly living in such shacks. Unless you are sure of the people you are going to be with, do not take up one of these.

  • Certainly, want a room alone? You may get lucky if some house owner wants to rent out his utility room. Know that these rooms are tiny, no ventilation, and are not worth the hassle.

  • Are you on a student pass? Then, you can get single rooms in hostels for around $500.

I strongly recommend you up to your budget to at least 600 dollars to find decent accommodation.

Source - came in as a student, paid less than $300 for a shared room in 2010. The same place is now at $550 for sharing.


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