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    Ask questions and find answers with contributions from real estate experts and enthusiasts.

    How It Works
    Step 1: Submit your question
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    Here’s a list of examples for you:
    “I am a Hong Kong citizen and hoping to invest in real estate based in Vancouver. What type of tax would I be subject to?”
    “I want to look into properties in France. What is the investing procedure that might be different?”
    “I have a budget of USD 100,000. Where can I buy a nice vacation house in Spain?”
    “What is the procedure of planning approval to build a residential property in London?”
    “What is the average rate of a commercial property manager in Berlin?”
    “How should I evaluate potential financing of the debt tranche?”

    Tips: Please include the geographic location (city and/or country) and the categories (I.e. property, market, legal, & tax, etc.) in your question. Also, please feel free to provide detail!

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