Is buying a house better than renting in Austria?

  • Is buying a house better than renting in Austria?

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    Check the cost of living in both. Too many people weigh the "intangible" factors of homeownership too highly when making the affordability/financial decision. They love the "view" and the "nice kitchen..." but forget about the impact taxes, utilities and maintenance will have in ADDITION to mortgage interest payments (for most people). Look at BOTH scenarios and be honest about costs. You might find that a rental might be the wiser FINANCIAL decision. Rental also give you move flexibility in moving. For all the "inflation" minded readers, you might be quite shocked as Case-Shiller published that for the past 100 years, real estate value adjusted for inflation only increase by 0.7% (less than 1%) per year. Yet, with all that said. If you can afford it, and realize the financial aspects of your situation, by all a home.

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