How can you buy Real Estate in Spain being a US citizen?

  • How can you buy Real Estate in Spain being a US citizen?

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    It is effortless, you only need a real estate shopper which take care of finding your real estate and accompany you during all the acquisition phase of the property until the signature at the notary.


    Yes, you can.
    The only thing you need is an NIE. (Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros) That means Aliens Registry Number.
    You can get that your from outside Spain using a Spanish embassy.
    You can get more info clicking the following link for Ministerio del Interior, which handles that registry.

    Ministerio del interior de España

    Once you have that you can purchase your home in Spain
    Of course, I would strongly recommend taking the following steps before committing to major financial decisions.

    • Learn as much Spanish as you can
    • Learn as much as you can about the Spanish real estate market
    • Spend some time in Spain. Maybe an extended Airbnb stay would be a great idea. You can check my website to get an idea about the cost of a monthly Airbnb rental in Spain Airbnb in Spain
    • Before you decide to buy, you should get yourself a lawyer and a tax adviser and learn as much as possible about those. Spain’s laws are different from U.S. laws

    I hope this helps
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    Best of luck

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